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    Don't leave any revenue sitting on the table. Lower your cost to collect while increasing the growth of your revenue.

    Establish a stable financial future for your healthcare organization. Whether self-pay, Medicaid, or charity care, take advantage of every opporutnity to grow. Read More »

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    Make sure you are offering your community the best care by ensuring your FQHC's financial future.

    Building a strong foundation of healthy financial management will significantly impact the quality of care you can provide to your community. Read More »

Case Studies

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  • Case: Medicaid Services

    A community hospital located in Maryland. Challenge: This hospital was not maximizing Medicaid revenue using the County Department of Social… read more »

  • Case: Self-Pay Services

    A community hospital in central Pennsylvania. Challenge: For several years, our client used a pre-collect letter service while referring the… read more »

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According to a recent study, 15% of a hospital’s net revenue is tied up in patient pay, ranking just behind Medicare at 25% and HMO at 25%. Financial Health delivers better ways to take more of that 15% straight to your bottom line.

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