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About Us

We’ve changed the face of healthcare billing with one word: respect.

Financial Health is the undisputed best choice for healthcare providers who want a smarter way to manage payment receivables. Since our founding in 1997, we’ve increased recovered revenue up to 200% for numerous clients, all while creating a positive billing experience for patients. The results we deliver are a financially solid bottom line, predictable cash flow, and increased net revenue without sacrificing precious time, money, and resources.

Financial Health’s revolutionary business model revolves around being a collaborator with patients, rather than an opposition. By giving patient’s a clear understanding of their hospital bills and available payment options, we make them feel respected and appreciated, rather than bullied and patronized. As opposed to collection agencies, Financial Health has unparalleled expertise in both Medicaid and Patient Pay cases and works as an extension of the healthcare provider, rather than an outsourced 3rd-party.

What We Are

  • Passionate about healthcare revenue management
  • Experts in Medicaid legal proceedings
  • Seamlessly integrated into your operation
  • Respectful to your patients

What We’re Not

  • A collection agency. Your patients will like talking to us.
  • An off-site 3rd-party vendor. We’re often onsite, in the trenches with you, 100% committed to your success.
  • A drain on your revenue. You’ll make back what you spend on us and more.
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